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Telecoms System Obsolescence

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Telecommunication in various forms has been an integral part of the North Sea Oil and Gas industry since its establishment almost 50 years ago, primarily in support of safety and operational efficiency. For 50% of the industry’s existence, communications were based on traditional analogue technology until the advent of IP based technology which has led to a major transformation in systems and equipment.

4MS has grown with this change, established with the core expertise of network engineering, to introducing telecommunications into our service portfolio with a specialised Telecoms division of experienced engineers. This has enabled the organisation to be in a prime position to support and manage telecoms systems, with a wealth of experience in highly regulated environments.

4MS have carried out Systems Obsolescence Studies on several offshore assets to determine their supportability and criticality to the organisation. Offshore telecoms systems form a crucial part of the overall safety case of the asset, and it is therefore essential that all systems are maintained and any defects dealt with promptly. Many systems in the North Sea have been deployed for a significant period of time and are thus often unsupportable from a spares perspective. An up-to-date Obsolescence Study will highlight systems which are potentially at the ‘end of life’ stage and provide a relevant timeline for replacement.

4MS Telecoms Engineers carry out the Obsolescence Studies and provide a full report on all telecoms systems deployed. This survey can be carried out in conjunction with a review of the Preventative Maintenance Routines and incorporated into the safety case to ensure full compliance. Where an upgrade has been deemed necessary, 4MS have been instrumental in applying IP technology across many systems such as PAGA, closed-system television, telephony and radio systems. These changes, when implemented, have made a significant improvement to the quality of the service and its maintainability.

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