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PAGA System Replacement Case Study

Delivering a Public Address System for a global Energy leader utilising Zenitel hardware.


The PAGA system forms an integral part for the safety of all plant operatives, integrating broadcasting with emergency communication and alarms, enabling a fast, safe and efficient communication with the offshore personnel. With the clients original PAGA system having been in service for a period of around 30 years intensifying the associated risks of inefficient monitoring, the scope of the project involved the installation of a new system.


4MS carried out a site survey to explore the concept of replacing the old PAGA system. A report was written outlining a detailed design solution and build of the PAGA system. As an authorised Zenitel Channel Partner, the proposal offered a full replacement system utilising Zenitel technology which would have the capacity to support the needs of the client. In order to complete the project effectively, a 4MS Telecoms engineer attended an intensive training course at the Zenitel HQ to ensure familiarity with the product that was to be installed.

After Factory Acceptance Testing was carried to ensure the hardware functioned correctly, a full scope solution to replace the PAGA system was successfully installed and commissioned in compliance with current regulations. To ensure the site remained operational throughout the installation process, temporary measures were fitted between the new and existing systems so that both systems could operate concurrently whilst the technology was being switched over from the old system to the new.

The latest IP system software was utilised, simplifying diagnostics and maintenance. High-quality operational support services following implementation from 4MS ensured optimisation of the solution and further assurance for the client.


The new system has reduced maintenance requirements thus resulting in significant cost savings for the client, with an increased availability of new parts where required.
The client organisation now adopts a proactive emergency response, ensuring a safer working environment for offshore personnel.
The new PAGA system operates in full compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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