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Innovative Wireless Solutions for Industrial IoT

Digital transformation efforts inherently involve escalating organisational connectivity requirements. With tightening regulations, many organisations find themselves under increased pressure for operations to be performed with higher accuracy, efficiency, and speed, increasing the need for a reliable, stable and high-performance connectivity solution. With wireless technology playing an increasingly greater role in organisations adopting a multi-access IoT strategy, reliable wireless connectivity is paramount to those operating Industrial IoT environments.

Many organisations operating in Industrial IoT environments are upgrading their wireless networks as a function of key operational needs. These can include the need to find ways to increase network availability while reducing capital expenditures, along with migration to a data intensive, mission critical wireless networking environment, of which requires guaranteed connectivity to all or almost all their assets no matter where the asset is operating across the site.

By achieving real-time visibility of what is happening across a site, organisations can plan, schedule, and monitor their processes at all points. Applications ranging from predictive maintenance and safety to full scale tele-remote and automation rely on a wireless transmission that must be pervasive, whilst delivering ultra-low latency in the most challenging of environments. Furthermore, when more and more assets are coming online, the overall data requirements of a wireless network rapidly increase. This means that finding a reliable wireless technology that can deliver guaranteed coverage to hundreds of assets whilst achieving greater bandwidth is paramount.

Cisco’s Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul (CURWB) is a leading technology for moving assets requiring low-latency, high-bandwidth and stability. It’s a solid alternative where WiFi, 4G and 5G can’t meet the technical specs, and is designed to provide zero loss of data transfer at speeds in excess of 300 km/h. CURWB delivers reliable and resilient wireless solutions for mission critical applications, whether it’s mass transit or large-scale distributed sites where signal strength can be challenging. These solutions are quick to deploy and configure, offering clients a cost-effective, low-maintenance wireless technology, automating operations to improve safety and lower costs.

As an Advanced Security Architecture and IoT specialised Cisco partner, 4MS’ knowledge and expertise of the design and installation of IoT architectures can help your organisation with a tailored solution to address your bespoke connectivity needs. With a wealth of experience and proven track record in the provision of Communications solutions to highly regulated environments, 4MS bring to the market the latest, smartest solutions to everyday challenges. Through consulting, survey, design, procurement, implementation, testing and 24/7/365 support services, we simplify the whole conversation around connectivity and digital transformation. We can also offer proof of concepts, giving you certainty about your move into IoT.

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