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Strengthen the DNA of your business with Cisco and 4MS

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

With organisations and businesses having faced such enormous and unprecedented challenges over the past year, the need for business continuity and resilience has never been more prominent. IT ecosystems underwent massive changes in record time, having to accommodate wider and more disparate networks.

For digital transformation to succeed, network capabilities and adaptability needed to be equally swift. Expert players like 4MS, along with the incisive know-how of global tech giant Cisco (with their market-leading Digital Network Architecture - Cisco DNA), have sought to find ways to bring together, protect and empower increasingly distributed workforces, through network technology designed to futureproof business growth.

In its 2021 Global Networking Trends report, Cisco noted that it was no longer enough for network resilience to maintain connectivity and uptime. Companies would instead have to build resilience enabled by advanced network platforms, capable of responding rapidly and efficiently to any emerging circumstances, as well as facilitating new operating models and keeping employees’ and customers protected at all times. Not forgetting being able to effortlessly integrate with changing IT processes.

What is an Enterprise Network?

An Enterprise Network is essentially the IT infrastructure that medium to large organisations adopt to ensure connectivity amongst workforces, their devices and the applications they use. They are designed to accommodate and further business processes and objectives by ensuring that all digital services always run smoothly.

Emerging trends in enterprise networking call for ever-more intelligent and adaptive systems. Higher connectivity speeds (think Wi-Fi 6 and 5G), for example, require advanced network functioning. Increasingly, network management is being automated, using software capabilities that spot connected devices, profile them, and make a judgement call on trust. Additionally, intent-based networks are being implemented to improve business performance by capturing business intent through software defined networking (SDN) and analytics tools that align intent with policies that can be consistently applied across the network.

Cisco DNA is Cisco’s benchmark architecture designed to empower enterprise networks, across the campus, branch, WAN, and extended enterprise. The architecture ensures an open, extensible and software-driven approach that simplifies network management and keeps it more flexible to changing business needs.

The 4MS and Cisco DNA advantage?

Cisco DNA’s strategic capabilities have a proven track record in helping IT departments streamline their processes and operations, bringing down costs and reliably detecting and neutralising threats, whilst constantly keeping the network aligned to business needs and ambitions. These factors, teamed with our industry expertise and knowledge, positions 4MS as a strong technology partner. 4MS are experienced communications specialists, exceptionally proficient in the design, installation and support of communication infrastructure all over the globe, both onshore and offshore. We also have longstanding experience planning and delivering network and telecom systems migrations for asset transitions in the Energy industry.

If you’d like to talk to us about the power of Cisco DNA and the experience we could bring to your business, get in touch.


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