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4MS Celebrates 15 years in Business

As 4MS start our 16th year in business, we reflect on our journey from a start-up with four engineers, to an established team of fifty people today. From the very beginning, the ongoing recruitment and development of young people has formed a large part of our overall strategy. 4MS are proud to support the development of the young workforce through the recruitment of graduates, an aspect of the company which underlines our commitment to investing in and supporting the next generation of talent, whilst future-proofing skills needed in the Communications sector.

Over the years, we have recruited and trained young people in the fields of network engineering, telecoms, sales, and marketing. We provide an opportunity to gain invaluable, hands-on industry experience and insight from our team of experienced professionals. We are continuously innovating and improving as an organisation, and look forward to developing more talented young employees in the years to come.

As we welcome 2023, we would like to thank our valued clients and Partners for their support throughout the past year. We look forward to another year of continuing to build working relationships with our clients, whilst adopting an increased focus on the further development of our workforce to maintain our consistently excellent standards.


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